CPT Assistant article

November 30, 2018

An important article about the 2019 CPT codes for adaptive behavior services was published in the November issue of the CPT Assistant, a monthly newsletter of the American Medical Association (AMA). It is imperative for providers, billers, and payers to obtain and use that article in implementing the 2019 codes. Through an agreement with the AMA, the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts has made the article available to its members at no cost. Current members can access the article by logging in to www.apbahome.net, then going to Members Only > Health Insurance Coverage. Others are strongly encouraged to purchase it from the AMA Store (list price $19.95; $14.95 for AMA members). To do that, please call 1-800-621-8335. Listen carefully to the recorded menu and select option 2 (“If you are a physician, medical student, or are calling on behalf of one”); then ask for item number BI506118.